[aur-general] pkgstats and community - attempt 2

Ondřej Kučera ondrej.kucera at centrum.cz
Mon Nov 10 18:17:20 EST 2008


Allan McRae wrote:
> So lets start there.  What should the [community] repo be doing?  What 
> is its purpose?   There is no point discussing anything else until that 
> is well defined.
> All responses must start with "The [community] repo is ..."

The [community] repo is - in my non-dev, non-TU very humble opinion - a 
repository for packages that are perhaps not as widely used as those in 
[core] or those in [extra] but still used by enough users, so that it's 
reasonable to provide them in binary form, providing that there is a way 
to do so. I always figured that there is only so many devs and only so 
many packages a single dev can maintain, which leads to a limited number 
of packages in [core]/[extra]. That's why there are TUs and that's why 
there is [community] - so that the number of packages provided in binary 
form (by people that hopefully can be trusted) is larger.

But what I actually wanted most to say was "amen" to your e-mail, Allan, 
I think you've summarized feelings of many people...


Ondřej Kučera

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