[aur-general] Apology

Robert Emil Berge filoktetes at linuxophic.org
Mon Oct 6 16:24:11 EDT 2008

Hello everybody,
I write this to apologise for my sudden disappearance several
months ago. There's really no excuse for a TU to do such a thing, and
I wish I had been able to tell you before I went away. This is not an
excuse, just me saying I'm sorry, and that you'll probably see me
around a bit again.
A short explanation. Don't read on if you're not interested :)

My work and studies, which aren't computer related, was very
demanding for a while, and I used my Linux hobby to run away and not get
anything done. So, when my email configuration got destroyed, I used
that as a chance to force myself to concentrate on my work. I just
didn't re-configure and actually cut myself off from the internet for a
few months.
Things are much calmer now, and I appreciate using and experimenting
with Arch Linux very much, so I have decided to re-connect. 

Robert Emil Berge (filoktetes) 

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