[aur-general] Orphans in community part II

Ángel Velásquez angvp at archlinux.com.ve
Tue Oct 7 05:41:25 EDT 2008

Daenyth Blank ha scritto:
>> I propose no packages are moved unless they are out-of-date.  There is no
>> point removing perfectly good binaries from the repos.
>> Allan
> I second this.
This have sense. so let's wait to the day in which these packages are 
out of date to move to unsupported...

Now, this is not the subject but i will point it because Allan mentioned 
'out-of-date'. The other question that I have is: what about community 
packages out-of-date because the maintainer seems to be dead? and these 
aren't inactive (not officially).

This is quite complicate, some maintainers let grab their packages, and 
some don't, and the case is worst, when we are talking about any Dev. 
E-mailing without any reply (btw I consider a lack of respect, i prefer 
a reply later or any contact try to reply) is the most common case, and 
maybe nobody dare to point people, I won't point with my finger anyone 
(so don't worry), I am just trying to do a call for reflection, to 
improve our work.

Nothing more, and I apologize if exist some inconvenient with this e-mail.

Angel Velásquez
angvp @ irc.freenode.net
Arch Linux Trusted User (TU)

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