[aur-general] Orphans in community part II

stefan-husmann at t-online.de stefan-husmann at t-online.de
Tue Oct 7 14:18:53 EDT 2008


I had a look at Angel's list and that is what I found:

dvd-slideshow 0.8.0-4          taken by me :)
eclipse-mylyn 3.0.0-1            is already outdated (3.0.2 is out), two
votes, can be moved to unsupported if noone wants it
gambas 1.0.19-1                   there also is release 2.8.2, which is
stable. Why this one?
glib2-docs 2.18.0-1               taken by sergej
gtk2+extra 2.1.1-1                  dependency for gpsim, maybe the
maintainer wants to take it
kdvdauthorwizard 1.4.6-4     ?
ktechlab 0.3.6-1                     depends on gpsim
openlh-server 0.1-4              openlh-client is maintained
opensips 1.4.2-4                   taken by sergej
qmc2 0.2.b4-1                       ?
qstardict 0.12.9-2                  taken by sergej
sarg                        taken by sergej
scilab 4.1.2-4                         taken by sergej
sofia-sip 1.12.7-1                 taken by sergej
telepathy-glib 0.7.10-1         ?
wqy-bitmapfont 0.9.9-4        Is there any chinese-speaking TU around? 
wqy-zenhei 0.6.26-1             Is there any chinese-speaking TU around?

xgl           does not build for me

IMHO the wqy fonts  should be preferably maintained by someone who at
least has some basic knowledge of chinese language. If there is no TU,
they should be moved to unsupported.


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