[aur-general] Where to put your name when you adopt an AUR package (was: TU Application)

Robert Emil Berge filoktetes at linuxophic.org
Thu Oct 9 10:43:54 EDT 2008

Den Thu, 9 Oct 2008 21:57:03 +0800
"Callan Barrett" <wizzomafizzo at gmail.com> skrev:
> I don't think it has any practical reason. It's just such a damn old
> rule nobody questions it.
It can't be that old. This is the first time I've heard of it. The
Contributor tag has a long history, from way before the AUR. It's from
the time when people just uploaded packages to an ftp server to
contribute, and then the devs would look at them when they had time,
and include it in the repo if they thought it made sense. Then the user
who first uploaded the package would be named as Contributor in the
PKGBUILD. If you look at the jack-audio-connection-kit and rosegarden
packages, you'll still see my name as Contributor, even though the
package has been in extra since 2004, and probably don't contain one
line of code from my origial PKGBUILDs.
I think it is wrong to put your own name in the Contributor field just
because you have adopted a package. I think the Maintainer field should
be used for that, since the one who has adopted a package, normal user
or TU, is in fact the Maintainer, and the one who should be contacted
if there's a problem with the package.


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