[aur-general] TU request

Edward Tjörnhammar xhemi at cube2.se
Mon Oct 13 16:28:41 EDT 2008

Hello archers!
I'm likely a new face to all of you but non the less applying for the 
role of TU. My name is Edward Tjörnhammar, is 26 and use Archlinux 
extensively both private and professionally. Two of the things which 
appeals me the most are that it never gets in your face and that the 
package system is pretty much crystal. I have been using GNU/Linux in some 
form, and no specific order, as Gentoo/Arch/Slax/Debian/Slackware since 
   I studied CS at RIT (kth.se) in Stockholm where my specialization 
was(and is) in parallel and distributed systems. I work as a research 
engineer at the swedish defence research agency (foi.se) at information 
systems at the department of informatics. Before that I worked as a 
developer at a tactical dogfight simulator, which ran on IRIX machines. 
Programming and its facets is my main hobby and I, as such, have a 
working knowledge of many different languages/systems.
   I recently contributed a package 'inn' which I intend to continue 
working on. The package was added to [community] so I will continue with 
as inn-orig in AUR, user xhemi. If I were to become TU I believe that I 
can help to improve any number of packages in need of love but would 
continue with 'inn'. My sponsor is Sergej Pupykin.

Edward Tjörnhammar

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