[aur-general] old tarball recovery?

Mads Michelsen chochem at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 07:02:22 EDT 2008

On Tue, 14 Oct 2008 12:29:57 +0200
Mads Michelsen <chochem at gmail.com> wrote:

> Feeling incredibly daft about this... 
> I adjusted the PKGBUILD for a module i maintain and uploaded it
> straight away after buildng succesfully. It thus overwrote the old
> tarball which contained the PKGBUILD plus a patch and an install
> script. In a stroke of brilliance I then proceeded to delete my local
> build files and try the new PKGBUILD via yaourt.... Needless to say it
> doesn't work. This is about as stupid as it gets. I'm having photorec
> trying to recover the local files but I'm not particularly hopeful.
> Any chance of recovery on the server? The package is fsaa1655g.
> - Chochem

Uhm looks like I got lucky... Browsing through the trash can (I'm
not proud) I found an old tarball from god knows where. Here's to not
taking the trash out :) Problem solved.

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