[aur-general] [request]: LXR -- Linux Cross Reference

zhengyi goodmenzy at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 06:53:56 EDT 2008

  I must tell you that there is a "small" bug in the lxr, if you 
choose mysql as the DB.

  mysql taken "release" as it's keyword( I guess ), so in the 
file initdb-mysql, you will encounter syntax error. Because that 
file use 'release' as a table column. 
  I've tried to rename it to something else, but the perl scripts 
of LXR complain for sql syntax error.

  If you familiar with perl+mysql, I guess that will not take you
much time.

 Good luck!
By the way:
  I suggest you to take a small scale source code package as the 
testing object. If you follow some docs from google, it will parse
the Linux kernel code. It is a time-consuming works!

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