[aur-general] Moving packages from community to unsupported

Jaroslav Lichtblau tu at dragonlord.cz
Mon Sep 8 05:12:20 EDT 2008

On Mon, Sep 08, 2008 at 02:44:16AM +0200, Ángel Velásquez wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> After weeks that i've send a request to TU team interested in packages  
> which are orphans, and still remaining orphan packages, we decided to  
> move to unsupported.
> [snip]
> Thanks to BaSh and Anders for helping me, and I'd like to know if dtw  
> and gummibaerchen are active at this moment, to know what will we do  
> with the remaining orphan packages.
> Cheers!
> -- 
> Angel Velásquez
> angvp @ irc.freenode.net
> Arch Linux Trusted User (TU)
> http://www.angvp.com

Great job, guys!
I've seen the long list some time ago and adopted 2-3 packages. If
there is in the future again so much work to be done, I think it would
be good to announce it couple of days before the event, so that more
people can help.


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