[aur-general] Moving packages from community to unsupported

Timm Preetz timm at preetz.us
Mon Sep 8 11:42:15 EDT 2008

On Mon, 2008-09-08 at 02:44 +0200, Ángel Velásquez wrote:
> Thanks to BaSh and Anders for helping me, and I'd like to know if dtw 
> and gummibaerchen are active at this moment, to know what will we do 
> with the remaining orphan packages.

I will have another look.

But mainly I was working on the telepathy packages with Bjørn, and those
will go to [extra]/[testing] as empathy is now part of GNOME, right?

So no need to put testing versions back to [community] for another two
weeks from my point of view.


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