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Paulo Matias matias at archlinux-br.org
Thu Sep 11 22:21:46 EDT 2008


My name is Paulo Matias. I'm 19 years old, and I'm currently at the
third year of a four-year Bachelor of Computational Physics course at
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I'm a Linux user since 1998, when I started using Conectiva Linux.
This was my main distribution until 2003, when I changed to
Debian-based distributions. Then I switched to Gentoo at 2005.
Finally, since about one year, Arch Linux has become my distribution
of choice. I was very attracted by the lack of bureaucracy and by the
warm and friendly community.

I'm a programmer experienced in C, C++, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, AWK,
PHP, Java and Fortran77 languages. I've learned something about Lua
and Haskell, too. I have written some open source projects: trayion,
samsutools, qvm, opensvs, pycyber, fastsight, ziprecv, gcbq,
stegomaster, ruby-v4l, The Damn Small OS's VM, MPBot addons, BRNews
and K-Lite Linux.

I currently mantain some packages at AUR, notably the VirtualBox PUEL
edition packages and Open Sound System (OSS) related packages, among
others. My packages are listed at
http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?SeB=m&K=thotypous. I often
contribute to packages not maintained by me. I had recently
contributed to the iverilog, vmware-player-modules and qc-usb

I was already experienced at packaging software for NetBSD, as a
pkgsrc-wip project contributor. My packages at pkgsrc are listed at
http://pkgsrc.se/bbmaint.php?maint=matias|a|dotbsd.org. I had packaged
software there whose packages are currently maintained by others too,
such as gnash and ghc.

I recently started to develop some projects directly related to Arch
Linux, namely arch-sheriff and pkgbuildtools. The arch-sheriff project
is security-related and was recently presented at Arch mailing lists
by our friend Hugo Doria. The pkgbuildtools project is currently being
planned, and will provide some tools inspired by pkgsrc pkgtools and

I'm an official member of the ArchLinux Brasil group, and have a blog
(in Portuguese) at http://matias.archlinux-br.org and some stuff at

Hugo Doria has offered to be my sponsor as a Trusted User. I hope to
bring more useful packages to community and to help managing AUR.

Currently, I sadly don't own any x86_64 capable machine.

I will be happy to answer any question.

Best regards,

Paulo Matias

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