[aur-general] Stopping Arch contribuiting

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Tue Sep 16 10:01:24 EDT 2008

Angel Velásquez wrote:
> gtk-recordmydesktop 0.3.7-1
> mozplugger 1.10.2-1
> qt-recordmydesktop 0.3.7-1

I have adopted these.

The compiz packages really need a maintainer as they are popular and 
should not move to [unsupported].  I no longer use compiz , but if 
no-one else adopts these packages then I will adopt them just to keep 
them in [community].  I would prefer not to...

> P.S: Orphan packages should move to unsupported, so how long should be
> the time lapsus to do this? 1 month (imho) or more?, ideas?

I say keep orphan packages in [community] until they are outdated or 
have a bug that needs fixed.  No point in removing good binaries.


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