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Imanol Celaya ornitorrincos at archlinux-es.org
Thu Sep 25 10:43:56 EDT 2008

>4l:  Dependency to gcc is not needed, it is in base-devel, and you
>have a mkdir -p which should be a install -d
>You can consider to replace $startdir/src with $srcdir and
>$startdir/pkg with $pkgdir in some PKGBUILDS.

Now that I look more thoroughly it seems that 4L is only dynamically linked
to lightscribe, but I have to look better at it.

$srcdir and $pkgdir done

>Can you please explain what EDA and GPGPU means? I did a little
>googling, but the pages I found go far beyond my skills in computer
>science. Do you have some projects for packaging in mind in that

EDA stands for Electronic Design Automation which is basically programs to
design and usually test electronic circuits .

GPGPU is General Purpose GPU which allows to use the GPU as a kind of CPU,
they must be programmed differently, an example of this could be nvidia
CUDA, amd/ati close to metal, or use OpenGL's GLSL (GL Shader Language)
vendor neutral in theory.

>Seems you haven't made a PKGBUILD for it, would make it easier to
>install... *hint* ;)

It just recently got to a somewhat "usable" status in which segmentation
faults are not the norm. I could always do a svn package though.

>You should check out llvm and llvm-based compilers, like clang
>(C/C++/Obj-C)... I did an attempt but their build process is a bit
>odd, and clang hasn't been "released" yet, just lives in svn.

interesting, I'll look at it.
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