[aur-general] Orphaning request and inactive TUs

F B fbabetz at yahoo.it
Thu Apr 2 13:45:58 EDT 2009

Thank you Bash.
Can you orphan all four Nicoco package? I saw that a couple of them need an update and some users want an updated version.

I hope someone can update the other ones (at least the most popular like virtulbox-ose jre nautilus-open-terminal...) that you can't update.
I asked for orphaning because it's a long time since they updated them, if you remember i asked you, Bash, to update rawstudio a couple of time via forum and i don't want to do it every time a new version come out :)

>For packages you think should moved to unsupported simply ask here in
>ML and we will decide about those packages.

I hope that most populars packages will be updated and will remain in community but (maybe) for the lowest populars it's better if you move them to unsupported. What do you think?



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