[aur-general] First Package

Lucas Salies Brum lucas at archlinux.com.br
Sun Apr 5 15:52:33 EDT 2009

Hello everyone, my name is Lucas Salies Brum, i live in Brazil and this is
my first email to this list.

Use the Arch for a while, but only now decided to help the community, before
submitting my first package to the AUR would eliminate some doubts.

In line with that of the PKGBUILD:
# $ Id: PKGBUILD, v 1.12 2003/11/06 08:26:13 Exp $ dorphell

How to create it? cvs? It is mandatory?
To adopt an orphaned package, just download it to correct and re-send?
I read various forums and wikis on the AUR, you have some additional tips
for me?

Thank you very much.

P.S.: Sorry for bad english.

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