[aur-general] Questions from a new TU

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Sun Apr 12 05:10:24 EDT 2009

> > 3) Is there any way to avoid re-uploading a package when changing the
> > PKGBUILD if the changes have no effect on the built package (e.g.
> > appending packages to the depends array)?
> >   
> Adding more depends does alter the package...   But you can always alter 
> the package in cvs and just do "cvs commit" for things that _really_ do 
> not alter the package.
> Allan

Thanks for the reply.

Will a cvs commit without a binary upload (e.g. when adding a package
to the depends array) result in a new binary package in the repo with
the correct information? Formulated another way, does the upload server
create a new .PKGINFO file and replace the old one while keeping the
installable package files?

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