[aur-general] Inactivity (again) - 12th-26th August

bardo ilbardo at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 04:48:11 EDT 2009

Hi all!

This afternoon I'll be leaving for HAR (Hacking at Random) in
Vierhouten, in the Netherlands! I'll be connected about 24/7 until
Monday, but since there will be a lot of nice hackers around I won't
probably be checking my Gmail (unless I find some time to setup IMAPS,
I don't trust the web interface cookies =P) and won't generally
connect to unencrypted services. There's a chance that I'll have a VPN
set up from a friend of mine, but it's better to consider me inactive.

I'll also have another week off after this, with little to no
connection, and I'll be back on August, 26th, hopefully ready to do a
better work on Arch than I did in these last few months =)


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