[aur-general] Source code for community packages.

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Sun Aug 23 20:34:58 EDT 2009

A small public repo of compiled AUR packages reminded me of something.

What's the official policy for providing source code for GPL'd binary
packages in [community]? I know there was a long discussion about this
with some phraknagging eventually leading to a source "repository" for
core and maybe extra. Although it would most likely never happen it is
possible for someone to show up after nearly 3 years and request a
previous package's source code.

I suppose that previously the devs could argue that [community] was "not
official" and relegate all obligations to the packagers (although only
tentatively). Now that [community] is integrated more tightly with
[core] and [extra] it seems that this is something at least worth a

How are sources for [core] and [extra] handled?
How is the user actually informed of their availability?
Are those source archives mirrored or only hosted on the main server?
Is this all irrelevant due to some misunderstanding of the GPL's
How much storage space would it take to hose source files for all
current packages that require them (e.g. GPL'd binary apps)?


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