[aur-general] AUR package updating enhancements

Arkham liuju86 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 19:47:07 EDT 2009

On 27/ago/09, at 01:35, Nélson «VuDu» Cunha wrote:

> Sorry, but please don't try to make it sound like I said that because
> that's not an argument at all.
> Following what I said before, making steps harder isn't necessarily
> going to make people walk through them more carefully.
> I don't agree that an on-line code editor would make people do more
> mistakes, because good maintainers would continue to test the PKGBUILD
> before making the changes on the on-line editor, or just simply not
> using it.
> An editor would just save the pain to archive and upload (not testing
> them) simple changes to the PKGBUILD, that make probably the biggest
> part of AUR packages updates.

I don't understand why the developers should write, test and deploy  
new code in the website to perform a task that can already be done  
with CLI tools. Which is exactly "the pain to archive and upload"?  
makepkg--source && $AUR_HELPER *.src.tar.gz isn't much of pain to me :)
Another issue that comes to my mind: how would you update the md5sums  
with the online editor?

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