[aur-general] perl-rename and prename

Chris Brannon cmbrannon79 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 10:19:52 EST 2009

Steve Holmes wrote:
> Well and I thought the general naming convention of cpan modules would
> be to prefix them with perl- anyway; isn't that the case?  If that is
> so, then perl-rename would make more sense to me.
Prefixing is the convention when packaging a library for a
language other than C/C++.
E.G., perl-term-readkey, python-sqlalchemy, ruby-hpricot, et cetera.
perl-rename isn't a library, but it does come from CPAN.  It
makes sense to hold onto the perl- prefix.
Considering all of the other comments that I've seen about prename,
it's probably worth deleting.

-- Chris

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