[aur-general] [deletion request] cwrapper

Nathan Wayde kumyco at konnichi.com
Wed Dec 23 02:52:08 EST 2009

On 23/12/09 07:46, William Díaz wrote:
> Delete cwrapper package:
> http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=29901
> I uploaded this package with the name of "cw". Because cw is the correct
> name for these wrapper.
> Thanks
The better thing to do IMHO would have been leave it as cwrapper and 
include within the description the reference (cw) in brackets.
Rationale: as you point out, the correct name is cw - also stated on the 
project page. At the same time the project page is /cwrapper/ so people 
are more likely to remember cwrapper (cw makes no sense).
What you have now is a PKGBUILD that is not searchable unless you search 
for 'color wrapper'.

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