[aur-general] Package voting alternatives

Sebastian Nowicki sebnow at gmail.com
Sat Dec 26 23:00:39 EST 2009


I believe this was discussed on aur-dev some years ago, but it seems  
that discussion was lost (no longer in archives). I'd like to bring up  
the subject again. What do you think the best way to indicate package  
popularity is? The two main ideas were votes (the current  
implementation) and a download counter. I can't really recall which  
one was preferred.

The issue has been raised because we're deciding which to use in  
"AUR2", as a patch has been submitted to implement votes.

I'd like to know if voting works, how effective it is, and how much  
significance it has on a TU's decision to put a package into  
community. Basically whether it's "broken" and needs to be "fixed" or  
if it's fine the way it is.

P.S. I didn't send this to aur-dev as it doesn't really concern the  
developers. It's an end-user feature, and mostly a feature for TUs, so  
I posted here.

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