[aur-general] Java SDK/Runtime dependencies

Ondřej Kučera ondrej.kucera at centrum.cz
Thu Feb 5 07:13:07 EST 2009


Rorschach wrote:
> thanks Ronald van Haren and dejari for making this clear! I updated now all my packages which require java: i2p, jondo and ipscan to depend on j2sdk instead of openjdk6. I'm now going to add this to the java packaging guidelines.

No, please don't do that. As far as I remember, j2sdk is a historical 
name, there used to be a package of this name, later it was renamed to 
jdk (and is in community). Packages that provide j2sdk do so only for 
backwards compatibility. (There was also a packages j2re and some 
packages still provide j2re, again just for the backward compatibility.)

The "correct" dependencies now are the following two:
- java-runtime - needed for applications written in Java
- java-environment - needed for Java development and for applications 
that need to compile Java classes during their run (e.g. Apache Tomcat)

Whenever possible, all applications should depend only on one of these 
"virtual packages". Only if a certain Java application works for example 
with Sun's Java but not with openjdk, it should depend directly on the 
package jre. Bud I see no reason whatsoever for any application to 
depend on j2sdk, it doesn't make much of a sense.


Ondřej Kučera

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