[aur-general] Cannot submit qtcreator

admin at richardmurri.com admin at richardmurri.com
Thu Feb 5 15:01:57 EST 2009

This is the same problem I just wrote about with squirrel-sql a few hours
ago.  I think if you look into it you'll find that the empty webpage is
really an HTTP 500 error message.

I wrote earlier that I only have the problem with squirrel-sql and not
with my other package.  I suspect that there is a bug in AUR.

> Hello,
> I can't submit new version of qtcreator package. After some time I got
> only empty webpage and nothing is updated. Does anybode know what can
> cause this? I've found out that it's usually caused by some mistake in
> PKGBUILD, but I'm sure that this PKGBUILD is OK.

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