[aur-general] Problems with PKGBUILD (Also, request for package deletion)

Smartboy smartboyathome at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 15:46:37 EST 2009

Hi, I created a new PKGBUILD called easy-e17, which basically is a wrapper
for installing and using the easy-e17 script. Problem is, I forgot to change
the maintainer stuff at the top of the script, and when I try to edit it,
even changing the pkgrel value doesn't work. I can't get the PKGBUILD on the
site to change (I used another package's PKGBUILD to make mine). Can anyone

Also, I am requesting the make-e17 script be removed. It does basically the
same thing as my script, but hasn't worked in a year and has been flagged
out of date for a while.

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