[aur-general] PKGBUILD Contributors lost

Jordi Cerdan jcerdan at tecob.com
Thu Jan 22 07:39:53 EST 2009


Because of a crash of my HDD I lost some of the information I had and
some (nearly all) of the PKGBUILD I maintain. 

I have a problem with: pommed, drpython, unicap and ucview. I didn't
create them but I adopted them when they were orphaned. In the
contributors list there's just my name, as I can't find any backup
containing the creator, and maybe other contributors before.

I Would like to update this list to the reality, so nobody thinks I'm
trying to steal any creation...

Is there a way to connect to aur svn and checkout any previous revision
or to travel aur svn through the web?


Jordi Cerdan

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