[aur-general] Vote - Moving [community] to use same system as main repos

Abhishek Dasgupta abhidg at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 00:40:53 EST 2009

2009/1/26 Angel Velásquez <angvp at archlinux.com.ve>:
> 2.- The accounts on AUR, Forums, Wiki, Bug tracker should be unique, I
> mean, I have differents accounts with the same login and different
> passwords, in differents parts of the portals,

I've no idea how this might be possible. It'd be nice, but punbb,
flyspray are all separate packages...

> 4.- Every package's page should have links with a text like "bugs
> related to this package" (and the list of the bugs of this packages,
> to avoid to readding new bugs) and also a link "add new bug for this
> package" these links will call directly the bugtracker, the button
> about flag out of date should be considered to add a bug report? i
> don't like the idea, but it will be good if a new version of a package
> solves old bugs...

bugs.archlinux.org does not have a "Package" field for its bugs, so we'd
have to search the bug titles. Something like this:
[Show bugs for pitivi](http://bugs.archlinux.org/?string=pitivi&project=4)


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