[aur-general] Orphaned Community packages

stefan-husmann at t-online.de stefan-husmann at t-online.de
Tue Jan 27 15:25:06 EST 2009


there are 23 orphaned packages in community, some are dependencies of
other community packages. (comments by me)

cat.       name                         version  votes   description
games	   tintin			1.98.8-1  15	A console-based MUD client  	 
lib 	   haskell-cabal 117 	A framework for packaging
Haskell software 	
i18n 	   thunderbird-spell-pt-br         2.0-1   5 	Portuguese (Brazil)
dictionary for Mozilla Thunderbird 	(i18n, native speakers
lib 	   haskell-utf8-string 	         0.3.3-1  92 	Support for reading
and writing UTF8 Strings 	
lib 	   haskell-x11-xft     	           0.3-1  32    Bindings to the
Xft, X Free Type interface library, and some Xrender parts
x11 	   xmobar 			   0.9-2  75 	A Minimalistic Text Based Status Bar 	
multimedia elisa-base 			0.5.22-1  16 	An open source cross-platform
media center solution 	
multimedia elisa-plugins 		0.5.22-1  73 	Plugins pack for elisa 	
devel 	   twisted-web2 		 8.1.0-2  51 	The twisted.web2 package in
Twisted. 	(dep. of elisa-base)
lib  	   python-cssutils   5 	A CSS Cascading Style
Sheets library for Python (dep. of elisa-base)	
network    rutilt 			  0.18-1  19 	Gtk2 utility that helps you configure
your wireless network devices 	
gnome 	   sensors-applet 		 2.2.1-3 117  	an applet for the GNOME Panel
to display readings from hardware sensors, including CPU temperature,
fan speeds and voltage readings. 	
gnome      awn-extras-applets 		 0.2.6-2 153  	A collection of applets
for avant-window-navigator 	
x11	   xgl  50  	OpenGL accelerated X server 	
x11 	   xdg-user-dirs 		  0.10-1  36  	Tool to help manage 'well known'
user directories like the desktop folder and the music folder. It also
handles localization (i.e. translation) of the filenames. 	
multimedia vamps 			0.99.2-5  18  	Very fast requantisizing tool for
backup DVDs 	
x11 	   gtk2_prefs 			0.4.1-1   57   	A GTK2 theme selector and font

Low votes, maybe hould go to unsupported:
devel	   gputils 			0.13.5-1  10  	PIC Programming Utilities 	
x11 	   system-config-printer-gnome   1.1.1-1   1 	Pygtk CUPS
Configuration (no package for x86_64)	
lib	   shapelib 			1.2.10-3   0  	simple C API for reading and writing
ESRI Shapefiles 
lib 	   libxml-perl 		          0.08-1   5 	Perl library for working
with XML 	

deppendencies of other packages in community
lib 	   diacanvas 		        0.15.4-1   1 	Library for drawing diagrams 
(dependency off gnuconcept in community)
lib    	   python-jinja 		   1.2-1  14 	A simple pythonic template
language written in Python 	(dep. of sphinx in community)

If no-one else wants them, I will take the elisa-stuff.

Regards Stefan

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