[aur-general] AUR webpage

Ronuk Raval ronuk.raval at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 00:10:28 EDT 2009

On July 2, 2009 12:06:24 am nathan owe. wrote:
> well maybe a quick edit, l,ike u miss-typed something and it doesn't
> change the md5sums
If you mistyped something and it compiled fine when you checked it with 
makepkg, then clearly the change is just going to be cosmetic. Personally, I 
don't think that someone needs to go through all the trouble of adding an 
editor for the off chance that someone needs to make a cosmetic change.

Also, someone also brought up the point that it would just be a text edit, and 
not a _real_ editor by any stretch of the imagination. You can pry my vim from 
my cold dead hands.

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