[aur-general] introduction and questions

jezra jezra.lickter at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 22:06:36 EDT 2009


On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 6:48 PM, Sven-Hendrik Haase<sh at lutzhaase.com> wrote:
> On 07.07.2009 03:42, jezra wrote:
>> Hello, my name is Jezra and I'm interested in making a PKGBUILD for a
>> commandline audio player that I wrote in Vala. Actually, I've already
>> written a PKGBUILD but, through reading the AUR documentation, it was
>> advised that I first post the PKGBUILD to the mailing list because
>> this is my first PKGBUILD. I have attached the PKGBUILD source and I
>> would appreciate feedback.
>> I also have a question regarding making packages for AUR.  The name of
>> my application is 'sap' and a search of the AUR turns up another
>> application named sap. What is the best way to resolve the issue of
>> name collision for packages in AUR?
>> jezra
> Hi jezra,
> Attachments will not work on here if your mail client does not know to
> open PKGBUILDs as ASCII because it assumes it is binary. I suggest you
> upload the PKGBUILD to some online pasting service and choose "shell
> script" so that we get pretty colors.
> -- Sven-Hendrik Haase

My apologies, I should have stated in my first post that I've uploaded
a tarball of the PKGBUILD that I would like to upload to AUR.

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