[aur-general] I want to upload a package that it is not mine

Biru Ionut biru.ionut at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 10:10:07 EDT 2009

Leonardo Miliani wrote:
> Hi asked the previous manteiner of netbeans-ruby to orphan it because I 
> saw that he didn't update that package anymore and I already had the 
> pkgbuild for version 6.7 of netbeans-ruby.
> But before I could adopt the package, another user adopted it. But..
> it seems that its e-mail isn't working so I couldn't be able to contact 
> him... it seems that he doesn't want to upgrade the pkgbuild. I tried to 
> contact him via the forum of Archlinux.org because I saw that he wrote 
> there but I couldn't.
> So.... I have the new pkgbuild ready and hot... How can I put it on AUR?
i orphaned. you can adopt it now.


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