[aur-general] About AUR Translation zh_CN

Mod_Gao mod.gao at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 13:01:47 EDT 2009

have a look:

The zh_CN translation is only  35% completed(human calculation;), and i see
very much bad translation such as:

$_t["Could not re-tar"] = "将不在重新大包";  ## two wrong word, author even don't
want to correct it after type this string.

$_t["You must be logged in before you can adopt packages."] = "在你怀疑前你必须先登录";
$_t["The selected packages have been disowned."] = "选中的包已经被否决";
$_t["You did not select any packages to adopt."] = "你没有选择可疑的包";
$_t["The selected packages have been adopted."] = "选择的包已经被怀疑";

the above four lines and maybe more, all are wrong translation.

and many string are not good translated enough, i'd say at least 30% out of
the translated 35%.

and the only changes submitted is:
2009-04-13    Supern Lee    Add more Chinese translations.
2009-04-13    Supern Lee    Add Chinese translations.
3 months ago, hmm.

some of us are discussing about this things at #ubuntu-cn, we said the
translator just a i...

no zh_CN translation is not good or not bad, but with bad translation is
really bad! so before correct this, TO SUSPEND THIS TRANSLATION?

actually i made a complete translation at 2008 but i am not submitted, i
want to do a LAMP and do some tests for my translation but i got failures on
LAMP, so i disappointed......and i could not found it today(maybe on my

Before beginning, please make sure that git and python are installed. Also,
please do not translate if you are unwilling to maintain or find someone to
maintain the translation. This is due to the fact that the AUR is a rapidly
evolving project and there are constantly new strings to be translated
appearing. If the translations get too out of sync with the released
versions, there will be too many untranslated strings for the translation to
be usable, and it will have to be removed or disabled.    --from

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