[aur-general] java package has build time deps

svoufff svoufff at free.fr
Mon Jul 20 16:51:46 EDT 2009

Hi, i'm working on a PKGBUILD for jsampler-cvs.This is a java frontend
to Linuxsampler.
This app requires 4 more java libraries to be present at build time in a
subdir of the source.These are jlscp.jar, juife.jar, swingx.jar
and substance.jar.All of these are only needed for build, I ran the
program without them installed just to check.

What would be the best way to do ?
put them in the makedepends array :
that means packaging 4 more libs to AUR, forces the user to install
these libraries on system, absolutely unneeded for running jsampler,
since they are somewhat integrated to jsampler.jar during build.And it
would still require to copy them from their install path to the
source/subdir of jsampler to be able to build...
put them in the sources array and copy them the source/subdir before
building, so they are just used for build and not installed.That works
but is it the "good" way ?
something else ?

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