[aur-general] scm naming conventions

Ian Denhardt zerathidune at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 21:22:00 EDT 2009

Hello everyone,

This is my first time posting to this list, though I've been lurking for 
a while. I have a thought, and forgive me if this would be better 
addressed on a different mailing list; I wasn't quite sure which to use, 
and I was already subscribed to this one so I chose it.

right now for packages for development versions we use *-svn if the 
project uses svn, *-cvs if they use cvs, *-git if they use git, etc. I 
feel a better solution would be to use a single suffix for all 
development versions, say *-scm (source code management). This is 
already done in Exherbo.

This would be advantageous because we wouldn't have to change the 
package name on the occasion that upstream switches tools, and it would 
make things more clear from a user perspective; right now if there are 
two scm packages in aur, you might have to do some digging to figure out 
which is current (though granted this isn't usually very difficult.)

Of course, a policy change like this would require changing the names of 
a lot of packages in the short term.

I'm curious to hear other people's thoughts on this.


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