[aur-general] hsftp build error

Abhishek Dasgupta abhidg at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 02:22:06 EDT 2009

2009/6/3 Nathan Owe. <ndowens04 at gmail.com>:
> well i thought hsftp is working but i get this error :
> The following are set in config.h
>  pty/tty type:               GLIBC
> /bin/sh ./mkinstalldirs /usr/bin
>  /bin/install -c -s -m 755 hsftp /usr/bin/hsftp
> /bin/install: cannot create regular file `/usr/bin/hsftp': Permission
>  denied make: *** [install-binPROGRAMS] Error 1
> ==> ERROR: Build Failed.
>    Aborting...
> Error: Makepkg was unable to build hsftp package.

Some notes on the PKGBUILD:
- You needn't put variables which are empty, that'll make
  the PKGBUILD shorter.
- The description should not start with the package name
  as it is redundant information.
- license is an array. (use namcap to check the PKGBUILDs)
- $startdir/src is deprecated, one should use $srcdir now.

The PKGBUILD is trying to install stuff into .usr/bin which
is not allowed as you are running makepkg as a non-root
user. Most probably the Makefile uses some variable other
than DESTDIR to determine the location of installed packages.


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