[aur-general] delete request ttf-exljbris

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Tue Jun 9 06:59:15 EDT 2009

> And the license says:
> "This font may not be distributed or sold -not online nor on any media-
> without my permission"
> So maybe this package could be added to the community repo, if the font
> designer allows it.
> Heiko

Are there any packages in the official repos that are distributed under
the same conditions? I expect that the Arch devs would be reluctant to
maintain a portfolio of agreements with various developers granting
Arch the right to distribute their work. Perhaps that could be left to
the package maintainer but I think they would still be on the line as
the official distributors of the packages. I don't really know who
bears ultimate responsibility though.

I think it would actually make more sense to provide a trusted version
of the AUR with a subset of packages from the AUR that the user could
install with the same confidence as the official packages. This would
be ideal for avoiding many legal pitfalls but opponents of the idea
will simply say that the AUR already does this and that all you need to
do is check the PKGBUILD and install scripts yourself.


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