[aur-general] Leaving Arch

Christoph Zeiler rabyte at moonblade.org
Fri Jun 12 14:15:22 EDT 2009

This is to 

a) inform the TUs that I've switched distros and won't be able to
maintain my packages in the AUR anymore. Feel free to orphan all 358 of

b) say "Thank you!" to everybody who notified me of outdated packages,
sent suggestions and/or patches or helped otherwise.

c) give reasons for leaving: My mind is on things other than
bleeding-edge and system-tinkering. Over time I also became dissatisfied
with the official way of handling source packages. IMO Arch could be
great at  both source and binary, but the source part doesn't get enough
love. Why not add source support for pacman? Oh, and why not compress
packages with LZMA?

d) wish every Arch user all the best and lots of fun with his/her/its
distro of choice!


Christoph Zeiler aka rabyte aka Moonborn

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