[aur-general] Removing comments from AUR

Grigorios Bouzakis grbzks at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 20:23:22 EDT 2009

On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 2:07 PM, Loui Chang<louipc.ist at gmail.com> wrote:
> Alright. Removing comments is not the solution, but a change in how they
> work, how they're organised, and how users are notified about changes in
> packages may be in order.
> Specific ideas on how that can be done are always welcome in the AUR bug
> tracker.
> Cheers!

Since i started this, even by stupidly replying to another thread, i
might as well answer
to that.
My suggestion is not having comments in the AUR at all, comments arent useful to
the users. They are only useful to the maintainer. If there is no
maintainer, if a user feels
the need to comment with an updated/altered script then he should
adopt it and fix it.
And even disown it afterwards if he feels like it.

Yes this will spoil your conviniency of just leaving a comment and
pretend you care.
Yes this will change the way you are used to doing things.

My suggestion is to remove the notify button and the comments. Add a
box where the maintainer
can add the notes that he feels might be useful to the users.
Discussion regarding the way the script builds the package, bugs, etc
should be done between
the interested party and the maintainer.
I dont see the need to add anything special to handle that. Like a
"contact maintainer button".
If the user is too lazy to follow the maintainer link and then the
link to his email, then he shouldnt
be motivated enough to comment either.
If there is need for further discussion, the script is horribly
outdated and unmaintained, should
be done, like its done now, on the mailing list or the bbs.

How's that for "KISS" ?


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