[aur-general] Removing comments from AUR

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Thu Jun 25 23:01:28 EDT 2009

> Grigorios, you're an idiot. You're basically just trolling the thread
> now and, correct me if I'm wrong, have provided nothing in the way of
> patches for the AUR like open source is magic where you whine about
> stuff and it gets fixed how you like.
> I see absolutely no compelling reason to get rid of comments and it's
> ridiculous this thread even exists. The only interesting thing is the
> idea of improving the comment system and there are no patches for that
> either.
> Grigorios: stop digging yourself into a hole.

Although I strongly disagree with Greg and think that he is pursuing
this in an obnoxious manner, I think your reply is a bit over the top.
There's no need to call people idiots here.

Also, and this is directed at devs in general, the whole "stfu unless
you can submit a patch" mentality is narrow-minded at best. Just
because someone can't code it themselves doesn't mean that an idea is
bad.Too many people act as though a suggestion were a demand and many
devs content themselves with "good enough" if they can avoid putting
more work into it. Not everyone is a coder and it would often take
someone far more time and effort to create a patch than a dev who's
intimately familiar with the code.

It's the same thing as humming a tune to a musician for a bridge in his
song. If you don't play any instruments and he tells you to come back
with a recording of it, nobody benefits.

There's some quote about how the "good enough" mentality is the
greatest barrier to progress. If someone knows it, please post it.

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