[aur-general] Arch Sugar

Ray Rashif schivmeister at gmail.com
Fri Jun 26 07:17:39 EDT 2009

Seeing that nobody has stepped up to offer and maintain this cute little
thing, I have taken the initiative to start an effort. It's probably due to
a lack of interest/need that none of the related packages are in
[unsupported] in the first place, but even then I'd like to believe that
some of you might be keen on contributing.

And so I've put up some fundamentals:

And if you're still staring at this with a question mark while refusing to
go to the above wiki page: http://www.sugarlabs.org/

Oh yes I'm spinning this into an Arch "playbox" for my little siblings,
particularly the youngest one who's 5 or something. Sure, I could just
install the Fedora-based image and let 'er rip, but I wouldn't feel as
comfortable =p

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