[aur-general] [NOTICE] For Trusted Users. Update your CVS settings.

Loui Chang louipc.ist at gmail.com
Sun Jun 28 04:08:27 EDT 2009

The new CVS setup uses ssh, so you will need a shell account.
Please email me your ssh public key to set that up.

For dealing with CVS please follow these instructions:

Set CVS_RSH in your shell
export CVS_RSH=ssh

Update your CVSROOT settings to
:ext:USER at aur.archlinux.org:/srv/cvs/community

Where USER is your ssh login name.

The quick way of changing your CVSROOT
cd to directory with community checkout:
 find -name Root -exec sed -i 's/^:pserver.*/:ext:USER at archlinux.org:/srv/cvs/community/' {} \;

It's preferred to edit your current checkout rather than making a new
one, to reduce server load.


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