[aur-general] Can not upload moinmoin package

Sergej Pupykin pupykin.s at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 12:13:29 EDT 2009

>AG> This could be a bug in the current scripts - can you scp the package?
>AG> If so, then we might as well just wait for the svn move :S

scp works slightly better. It reports 36.1KB/s average speed taking into
accout 3 or 4 'stale' state period.

scp moinmoin-1.8.4-1.pkg.tar.gz spupykin at aur.archlinux.org:/tmp/
moinmoin-1.8.4-1.pkg.tar.gz             100% 5518KB  36.1KB/s   02:33

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