[aur-general] catalyst-beta removed/take care of illegal stuff!

Markus Heuser mheuser at mi.fu-berlin.de
Tue Mar 3 02:59:45 EST 2009


> I don't think it make any difference. Why companies should care   
> about Arch or it's petition?

Because we are the users and we have paid for their cards! We do have
the right to demand a working driver (which actually is ridiculous since
you can't operate your card without a driver). I don't see any reason why
linux users should be second class users.
Our money is of the same worth as anyone elses.

At least AMD/ATI is releasing some documentation so we can just wait
until the xf86-video-ati/radeonhd become stable and suit most desktop
users needs and then abandon AMDs catalyst.

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