[aur-general] Uploading 32bit packages from 64bit system

Timm Preetz timm at preetz.us
Fri Mar 20 12:46:44 EDT 2009


today I finally setup my 32bit build machine, to be able to provide
builds for i686 just in time with the ones for 64bit systems.

First of all, I put the CVS repo on the new computer, then SSH into it
and makepkg the packages.
(From my normal work machine I use import the CVS repo from the 32bit
machine as filesystem, so I don't have to keep two repos in sync).

So now I have the 32bit build on my building machine, and can easily
access that from my normal pc.

I there a way to upload that very 32bit build to community?

Or do I have to install "communitypkg" also on that remote machine?

This would be easily done, but I would hate spreading my passwords to
other machines.


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