[aur-general] System cleaning?

Brandon Martin bmartin at cu3edweb.com
Wed Mar 25 10:31:58 EDT 2009

You would think that I would have been using arch long enough to know  
how to do this buy I don't. I was using gnome then I tried to  
uninstall it and I used kdemod for a little while but know I want to  
use gnome again. I uninstalled kdemod and reinstalled gnome but it  
just doesn't seem as snappy as it was before. Plus I have easytag  
installed and when I click the home folder from the places menu it  
opened easytag. On top of that when I was connected to a remote FTP  
and I try to edit and save something I get a gvfs error. This use to  
work fine before. In the past I have usually just done a fresh install  
because I am weird about having only what I need installed and have  
never taken the time to learn all I can do with pacman.

So my main question is can how do I do a major cleaning removing what  
I don't need and how do I check if I am missing something I do need  
since I am running into a few oddities. What is the best way to get my  
system clean and mean.

Thanks for any insight.

Brandon Martin

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