[aur-general] Arch's Vim Failings & Solution Suggestions

Kessia 'even' Pinheiro kessiapinheiro at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 15:19:31 EDT 2009


On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 12:19 PM, Tobias Kieslich <tobias at justdreams.de> wrote:
> Hi,
>        I was reaaly busy lately so I wasn't able to push tha changes I made
> locally.
> I got rid of gvimrc in etc, I still wonder thought why they would
> have such a file upstream. Also virc is gone. Since we won't ship a vim
> based vi package anymore.

Why not?

> vi will be besad on nvi. that has lot's of advantages:
> - smaller for the iso
> - no waiting on testing that stalls vim and gvim
> - vi and vim are separated

Why base vi on nvi? nvi aren't updated (on website) since 4/14/01. The
last version of vi was based on vim and its a bit different for
compiling options only. I think this is fine for most of users. I
think in vi like a vim without X improvements, so, why not still with
vi based on vim? Maybe you can provide nvi in a different package,
which can provide vi, i dont know.

> I was not aware of the double loading, a testbuild showed me that it is
> easy to build both packages (vim/gvim) without the path specified. The
> idea behind specifying was that gvim and vim use the same runtime but
> only one package ships it. So being explicit instead of implicit seemed
> like a good idea to me. Anyway, that will be gone as well in the new
> layout.

I understand the python idea here about explicit is better than
explicit, but vim dont need that, really.

> Hopefully tonight I can push them to testing. For the update people will
> be forced to remove the /usr/bin/vim and I think the /usr/bin/rview
> symlink manually. I tried to find a way around that, but no dice.
>        -T

We are waiting until that...

Well, for not be so long, I made some packages for vi/vim/gvim with
ruby1.9, for that I made a patch for vim (sent for vim_dev today) and
uploaded for ArchLinux-BR repository [repo.archlinux-br.org]. I
uploaded the packages with the PKGBUILD's on my home
[http://even.archlinux-br.org/things/arch/packages]. For that I solve
some bugs from flyspray[#13937 and #12440] and also the questions in
the main of this thread. If you have any doubts, please reply me.

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