[aur-general] [arch-dev-public] Status of arch=any ?

Abhishek Dasgupta abhidg at gmail.com
Wed May 6 11:15:57 EDT 2009

2009/5/6 Firmicus <Firmicus at gmx.net>:
> Why move up-to-date packages to simply change the arch parameter? We can
> easily change it in the PKGBUILDs in trunk and it will occur
> automatically with the next update. There is no benefit in converting
> the actual packages, really. It may save some space on the server and
> the mirrors but the risk that we thereby  mess things up does not
> justify this IMHO.

Agreed. The only advantage would be for people mirroring the repos.

> PS: I've attached my updated patch for dbscripts, with additional
> changes for cron-jobs/adjust-permissions
> and cron-jobs/check_archlinux/check_packages.py

The attachment didn't come through, probably it was deleted by mailman.


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