[aur-general] some candidates for moving to unsupported

Abhishek Dasgupta abhidg at gmail.com
Tue May 12 08:44:40 EDT 2009


I was going through the community bugtracker and I found a few
bugs which can be solved by moving the relevant packages to [unsupported].

games/campgen (maintained by dtw)
 Old and the homepage says that there is no version which
 works with wesnoth 1.6 in Arch repositories. This would remove this
 package from the python 2.6 rebuild list (#13831)

x11/xgl (#13581) (orphan)
 Comment on #13581 (tomd123):

 The link says "It was finally removed [1] from the X server in favor
 of AIGLX on June 12, 2008.".  XGL is deprecated. I think it needs to
 be removed.

Deprecated documentation packages (maintained by dsa)

devel/gnome-vfs-docs (#13512)
devel/glade-docs (#13509)
devel/libxml2-docs (#13559)
devel/libsoup-docs (#13536)


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