[aur-general] adoption request for flex-sdk

Alper KANAT tunix at raptiye.org
Sun May 17 14:01:52 EDT 2009

Hey There,

I'm a developer myself and developing an application using Adobe's Flex. 
I've found out that AUR has an outdated version of flex-sdk which has 
also been flagged as out of date.

I've tried contacting its developer today but I don't expect a reply 
since users commented on the package's page had no response back.

Any way; I think I can handle the packaging work of flex-sdk. I'm (right 
now) working on its PKGBUILD to make it work on my computer. If my 
adoption request is accepted, I would love to share it. If not, I guess 
I'm going to add it to Turkish Community repositories which one can find 
at http://www.archlinux.org.tr/repo/.

As a reference, you can see my other packages. My username is alperkanat 
on AUR.


Alper KANAT  <alperkanat at raptiye.org>

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