[aur-general] changing the status of the maintainer field

Chris Brannon cmbrannon at cox.net
Fri May 22 12:34:38 EDT 2009

Andrei Thorp wrote:
> Another thing that you guys probably don't care too much about is the
> fact that -Qi -ing a package that you have installed will not list the
> Maintainer for packages from AUR.

Actually, -Qi'ing or -Si'ing a package doesn't list the maintainer at all!
The "Packager: " field in the output is the name + email of the person who
last built the package, and this is not necessarily the maintainer.  Case
in point: "pacman -Si curlftpfs".
Don't rely on "Packager:" from -Qi or -Si.
Yes, a "Maintainer:" field in -Qi or -Si output would be nice.

> Also, isn't there something kind of terrible about the fact that
> CVS/SVN, AUR web, and comments all track a bit of information
> separately and in different ways?

It is bad, but unfortunately, I think that every distro has this problem
to a certain extent.  Not sure what the solution is.

-- Chris

PS.  This thread is at least convincing me to *think about* updating
the # Maintainer comment in my adopted packages!

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